Integrated Activity Planning

In a large organization, thousands of inter-dependent tasks that share limited resources may need to be scheduled to meet company objectives. The complexity of such an operation is beyond the realm of manual scheduling. It requires sophisticated optimization routines that leverage the significant progress in oil and gas digitalization. By mapping oil and gas operations into the digital space, data becomes democratized. This makes it possible to take advantage of the associated body of work in theoretical mathematical research to automate the scheduling process and analytics workflow.

Our digitalized planning environment creates an agile system that is analogous to a digital supply chain. It enables the operator to monitor progress, respond rapidly to changes, assess the impact across the entire value chain, adjust the plan to maximize value, and share the most recent plan almost instantaneously with all the relevant stakeholders.

With our digitalized integrated planning environment, it is possible to

  • eliminate manual task assignment
  • eliminate mistakes from manual task assignments
  • maximize available resources, minimize resource idleness, and eliminate resource conflicts
  • automate the scheduling of multiple tasks using configurable criteria, objectives, and scope
  • visualize planning inputs and results


The Gantt-Chart is a convenient way of visually representing a solution of the scheduling problem.

Manual arrangements may result in resource overlaps, especially if one activity is delayed and others are depending on the same resource.

Avoid Resource Overlaps

Optimize Activities and Merge Project Plans

Optimize Activities and Merge Project Plans

Capacity Constraint Forecast

Production Forecast

Limit Diagram