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Asset Management Development

RWF Monitoring

RWFM Monitoring platform is to operationalize the RMP/ RMS plan(s) that dynamically being practices within any operating company and governance requirements as well as to measure the robustness of the operating strategies over time at accelerated learning phase prior to improve the effectiveness in managing the asset.

Top Down Modelling

TDM is part of a new class of reservoir models that are pioneered by Intelligent Solutions, Inc. This novel class of reservoir models are known as: Data Driven Reservoir Models or AI-Based Reservoir Models.



ECHELON is the fastest reservoir simulator in the world, vastly outpacing legacy simulators and many times faster than other modern CPU based codes while also retaining the precise accuracy you expect from legacy simulators. ECHELON is developed by Stone Ridge Technology.


Water Injection Surveillance & Optimization
A fully integrated surveillance & monitoring principles powered by advanced data analytics and machine learning engine to automate and optimize the analysis.
Asset Evaluation

From an accurate assessment of reserves or the reserves potential of prospects, asset valuation can be prepared giving a full economic profile of each asset and/or a company valuation. Petroxin offers Oil & Gas Asset Evaluation based on North Sea Experiences.

Integrated Activity Planning

In a large organization, thousands of inter-dependent tasks that share limited resources may need to be scheduled to meet company objectives. The complexity of such an operation is beyond the realm of manual scheduling. It requires sophisticated optimization routines that leverage the significant progress in oil and gas digitalization. By mapping oil and gas operations into the digital space, data becomes democratized. This makes it possible to take advantage of the associated body of work in theoretical mathematical research to automate the scheduling process and analytics workflow.

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Integrated Performance Analysis & Upstream Decision Platform

Well Integrity & Analytic Platform

A customized web-based platform to comprehensively support well integrity management. Any standards applied by Operators to manage well risk and end-to-end associated data flow can be specifically designed to provide seamless well integrity monitoring and data mining process. The application allows data integration with external applications such as production data, well’s operation plan, budget and etc. to ensure cross relation information can be easily accessed for up to date information as well and implementing analytic to understand correlation among them. Efficient business process to safely manage well risks complexity and automation of data mining is the main objectives for this solution.

Well Management Solution
Custom built Web-Based application to provide centralize Well data access and analysis across different well phase cycle. Business Intelligent concept is applied to produce operational, analytic reporting, as well as advance analytic such machine learning and prediction related to any well’s data-set. Application customization is our unique solution approach therefore it can be tailored to the User need which include but not limited to utilize or enhance existing IT infrastructure, multi well’s applications integration, customized visualization, modular based and in-line with organization business process and practices.
Gas Network Prediction
Fully Automated Live Calculation & Optimization Network System; Gas Well Potential & Forecast.
Intelligent Fields

Field development and intelligent well planning to optimize the production recovery.

Analytics Assisted

We understand the required knowledge and skill to execute a data science project are quite rare and distinct in Oil and Gas Industry. Therefore, we assemble our unique team comprising of Data Science Manager, Subject Matter Expert, Data Engineer and Data Scientist to support both internal and external Organization. Cross domain expertise and collaboration make our team unique where not only they have to master in their own rule but also a cursory understanding of the adjacent rule. Our qualified Data Science Team would be able to consult for any specific requirement in the implementation of Data Science project regardless their stage either scaling up the existing or new implementation of data science solution. We will take part in the whole cycle of the data science project implementation which include question and understanding business requirement, exploratory data analysis, modelling, interpretation and communicate the results for action.

Digital Transformation

Process Automation

Advanced technology and automation for petroleum and geoscience data extraction and management.

Digital Platform Customization
Digital Consultancy
Data Mining

Advanced technology and automation for petroleum and geoscience data extraction and management.

Advanced Data Analytics

Sophisticated techniques and tools to derive knowledge from data.

Engineered Analytics

Combine the power of engineering principles and Big Data/ Machine Learning techniques to create insights, make predictions, and generate recommendations.

Talent Resources Solution

As part of the organizational and economic dynamic growth, manpower or resource management is becoming a vital element. Furthermore, the fact that various projects require only temporary and contract staff for a specific period of time, there is a real push to engage into manpower supply services.

We understand that the requirement is unique depending on the specific industry, we are committed to create the staffing solutions that will accommodate your specific needs. Our experience in talent recruitment and manpower supply for various industry gives us the edge in proposing solution best suited for your company. By working together with us, we will understand the ideal conditions and skills required in achieving your company overall goal.

Pre-Employement Screening

Ensure all candidates have been screened in a holistic approach and complied with governance and in house guidlelines.

Talent Engagement

With an attractive and innovative approach as well as traditional methods in order to identify and engage talent that is fully connect with our Client’s values, vision & mission and principles.

Candidate Management

We manage end to end recruitment process from candidates screening to post-probation phase to ensure they are supported and feel positively about our Client’s overall recruitment experience.

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Head Office, Asia, Level 9, West Block, Wisma Golden Eagle Realty (GER), 142C, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Contact Details

+603 2733 0338 (Phone)

Head Office, Asia, Level 9, West Block, Wisma Golden Eagle Realty (GER), 142C, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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© All Rights Reserved 2019